Level 2: Addition to Ten

Materials you need:

  1. 4group Math classroom kit

    • Mount your Number Parade and Ten-man Card on the wall at students’ eye level.
    • Store your Number Blocks where students can reach.
    • Open and notch your Cards. Store the decks in Zip-loc bags. (The boxes do not last.)
  2. At least two colors of multilink cubesthat connect on all sides (not Unifix cubes). Many schools already have these, or they can be purchased from EAI Education (We prefer the Linking Cubes from EAI Education. We find them to be the easiest for small hands to manipulate and they stay together.)

    • Sort and store your multilink cubes by color.
  3. Stickers; markers; pencils; crayons; plain paper; small candies, fish crackers or other small objects.

Printed Materials you need:

  • Checklist How to Use

    • This is for teacher reference.
  • Checklist
  • Checklist Black & White

    • Copy on cardstock. Cut in half to make two checklists. You need one per student.
    • The Checklist is generic. It is used for all sums, even though the pictures show theactivities for the sum of 4.
  • Block Board

    • Copy on cardstock in Landscape mode and place in a sheet protector for longevity. Make enough for students to share.
  • Recording Sheet

    • Copy on plain paper in Landscape mode. You need at least two per studentfor each sum, or 14 per student for their sums 3-10.
  • Go Fish to a Sum Directions

    • These directions are for teacher reference.
  • Flip Cards

    • Copy back to back on colored cardstock. Cut each page in quarters to separate the cards. Laminate for longevity. Make one set for every 4-6 students to share.

Notebook for Progression for Addition Facts to 10

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