Level 4: Make Ten

Materials you need:

  1. 4group Math Classroom Kit or Home Kit.

    • Classrooms, mount your Number Parade and Ten-man Card on the wall. (The Home Kit does not contain these two items.)
    • Store your Number Blocks where students can reach.
    • Open and notch your Cards. Store the decks in Zip-loc bags. (The boxes do not last.)
  2. Child safe scissors; glue sticks; stickers; pencils; markers or crayons; plain paper.

Printed Materials you need:

  • Checklist How to Use

    • This is for teacher reference.
  • Checklist

    • Copy on cardstock. Cut in half. Make a Checklist for 9, 8, 7, and 6 for each student.
  • Block Board

    • Copy on plain paper in Landscape mode. Make four for each student to complete Level 4.
  • Ten-frames to Cut Out

    • Copy on two contrasting colors of paper. Make four pages of each color per student to complete Level 4. Make extra copies as needed.
  • Recording Sheet

    • Copy on plain paper. Make eight sheets perstudent to complete Level 4.
  • Flip Cards

    • Copy back to back on colored cardstock. Cut each page in quarters to separate the cards. Laminate for longevity. Make one set for every 4-6 students to share.

4groupMath Make Ten Worksheets

Copy a set of worksheets for each student.

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