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The two-sided 4-group Math Mat is a great companion to your child’s mealtime or playtime. The colorful mat has all the components of the 4-group Math Method™ and highlights the 4-group™ Number Patterns, Ten-Man™, and directions for counting your snack (e.g. Goldfish® or Cheerios®) “like Ten-man.”

  • Two-sided
  • Measures 11×17 inches
  • Spill-proof laminated plastic


  • The front of the Math Mat shows the 4-group Number Patterns in their subitizable component parts so that children learn to make a mental picture of the quantity of each number.
  • The picture of Ten-man reminds adults and children to use the Ten-man Counting Order
  • Use the empty Number Frame to count objects into the number patterns and then check with your "math eyes" to see how many you have by matching the objects to the number pattern above.


  • The back of the Math Mat shows the whole 4-group Number Patterns so that children can learn to see the many parts that make up each number.

Use the 4-group Math Mat as a placemat. On the front of the mat you can use the same activites as with the 4-group Number Parade 1-10.

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