At 4-group Math we know that children with a solid foundation in number sense find math easy and fun! Without this strong foundation many students struggle with math forever.

Never again does a child need to be intimidated by math. 4-group Math Kids love math!

4-group Math is unique because it relies on brain-based research, utilizing the brain’s innate ability to subitize 4 in a square pattern. Our preschool program provides a solid foundation in number sense. The 4-group method can also be used to adapt any math program – a small modification with a profound effect!


Learn the basics of 4-group Math in our Intro video series.

Intro (full video)
Chapter 01: Epidemic in Math Education
Chapter 02: The Science Behind 4-group Math
Chapter 03: 4-group Math Number Patterns
Chapter 04: Ten-man
Chapter 05: Addition – Putting the 4-group Patterns Together
Chapter 06: Consistent Visual Model across Place Values
Chapter 07: “Make 10” Strategy
Chapter 08: Multiplication using the 4-group Math Model
Chapter 09: Fractions with 4-group Math
Chapter 10: Decimals with 4-group Math
Chapter 11: Positive & Negative Numbers with 4-group Math
Chapter 12: Multiplication Made Easy (MME)
Chapter 13: Conclusion 4-group Math