“The video is so inspiring! So clear. It totally makes sense how kids abstract and form concepts. Lincoln does not want any part of counting and this makes it SO OBVIOUS why!”

Diana , Teacher

"4-group Math™ has proven to be so successful that students have scored 20% above peers not using the program on state achievement tests. We think you will be amazed by this program—and it may even change how you think about numbers!”

Brenda , Elementary School Principal

“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done with Emily’s attitude towards math. She really enjoys it now and is proud to be one of the stronger math kids.”

Lisa , Mother of a 2nd grader

“My students have a better understanding of math concepts and strategies than any other class I have taught. They love math and approach each math activity with confidence.”

Margo , first grade teacher

“I would say that most of the students are highly successful. Probably more than I’ve ever seen first graders able to do. This system enables children to retain their learning. It’s something they can internalize. I hear kids saying, “Oh I get it. I can put this together. I can visualize it in my head.” 4-group Math™ has definitely affected my teaching. It’s been exciting."

Isabelle , veteran first grade teacher

“This year, we have seen tremendous leaps in what the children are capable of doing intellectually because of the activities and ideas Lynn has developed. All of our students are excited about math and see themselves as capable mathematicians, more so than in our collective years here at Lake Hills Elementary School. For the first time in our years of experience, we have observed that the children are excited about what we are learning and love the idea of math. No students have joined the “I hate math” group this year!”

The five kindergarten teachers at Lake Hills Elementary

“Our ELL and At-Risk math students were successful with this program. More students were able to go on to extra math challenges and do them with understanding.”

Margo , first grade teacher

“For children, a 10-stick is not much use. I see them trying to count the little cubes, over and over, because they don’t really understand that it is 10, will always be 10, and what that means for them in using that stick. However, when we use the 4-group 10-frame and cut up the pieces and put them back together they really do begin to “get” what 10 is and can use the 4-group 10-frame without having to recount all the little squares.”

Robin , National Board Certified second grade teacher

“In order to efficiently teach our math curriculum, 4-group Math™ is vital to student understanding and comprehension of strategies and skills. Without 4-group Math™, there are gaps in learning and we do not reach ALL of our ELL and struggling students!! Integrating 4-group Math™ strategies into whatever curriculum we implement will offer a valuable and equitable education to ALL students.”

Erin , second grade teacher

“4-group Math™ is a simple change with a powerful impact!”

Danelle , National Board Certified teacher and curriculum coach

“I used the number patterns with a 27 year old literacy student. She didn’t know what 2 plus 3 was (without using her fingers) so I pulled out the patterns. You should have seen her eyes shine for the next 45 minutes. We went through scores of math facts including the times tables. Those patterns have been the only thing she could understand after all these years.”

Sandra , math tutor

“We have seen a big increase in our son’s self-confidence and I think a large part of that is how smart he feels about his math skills, thanks to you! He truly loves numbers now and it is so fun to see him incorporate math into his creative play. I feel he has an amazingly solid foundation to build on — he can truly visualize numbers in his head, they are not abstract concepts to him at all. Just amazing!”

Melissa , mother of a preschooler

“It’s great to see the girls loving math!”

Katie , mother of kindergarten and first grade girls

“I asked Ethan the other day what he really liked about school and he said, “math.” Thanks for making math fun for Ethan. Here’s a quote from W.B Yeats that reminds me of [Lynn] as a teacher: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Angela , mother of a first grader

“We learn to [do] math in cool and different ways, not just the plain way like at school.”

Brady , 8 year old

“I like using blocks and it makes math fun!”

Ella , 5 year old

“I like 4-group Math because it helps me learn and it’s fun!”

Lucie , 8 year old

“It makes me feel powerful… brain-wise.”

Connor , second grade student

“Thank you for teaching me all of that fun and easy math! Now that you taught me that, I’m at the top of the class!”

Emily , second grade student

“Why did you make the 4-group Math™ patterns? Did you make them to make it easy? I like them.”

Noah , second grade student

“I appreciate what you have taught me in math. It was great. Now I know how fun math is.”

Fernando , second grade student

“I have to say it was well worth it. Very straight forward and definitely worth your time. I was amazed how 4-group Math teaches number sense in such a straightforward intuitive way. (Wish it was around when I was younger)”

Tami , parent (after attending 4-group Math Intro Session for Parents)

“I have never met instructors who are so passionate and caring about teaching young children the fundamentals of math learning.”

Mary , parent of 2 4-group Math kids

“Who knew 4-group Math could make math so much fun?! Our children have come out with a great sense of self confidence in knowing their math every which way.”

Michael , parent of 2 4-group Math kids